Petite Agility on the Gulf Coast

Petite Agility on the Gulf Coast

Petite Agility on the Gulf Coast

Training Classes

Melissa teaches a variety of

classes to include agility,

treibball, tricks, and basic pet


Currently she offers private

and semi-private/small group

classes. Melissa also presents

seminars on agility, treibball,

and tricks.


National Dog Agility

League Play

Melissa judges for the National

Dog Agility League at the

Mobile Bay Dog Training Club.

Run times vary. If interested,

please contact:
Welcome to PAWS - GC Petite Agility on the Gulf Coast was established by owner Melissa Wallace to provide a venue for small-statured dogs to experience the world of agility and other dog sports. While exposure to larger dogs is critically important for those wanting to compete in big dog venues, PAGC allows small dog handlers to learn about the different sports without the added concern of their dog being intimidated by a large dog. Often small dog handlers feel out of place in large dog training groups. PAGC brings small dog handlers together in the learning environment. Melissa trains all-sized dogs in addition to the Mighty Mites!

Teacup Dog Agility


We  are a member club of

TDAA. We host sanctioned

agilty trials and Petit Prix


The next trial will be   December 14-15, 2019.
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